• Project Name: Abadan Refinery

Abadan Refinery

scope pf work:

Installation,Pre-commissioning and commissioning of Electrical,IN,Mechanical,HVAC and F&G Systems of 10 Main substations and
control room Installation and Pre-commissioning of Electrical,IN,
Telecom,CCTV and F&G of all units such as utility and process Utility Units

Quantities of Work:

1300 KM Cable Pulling, 920 Cells of MV and LV Switchgears,
230 Cells of UPS, AC/DC Chargers, 130 Sets of Power Transformers
including busduct and all accessories, 70 KM Cable Ladder and Trays
7000 EA Instrument devices &valve calibration,test and Installation
Earthing system
Lighting system

The progress
Under Construction 90%